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Ningbo Tianyun Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.Is China’s largest supplier of wiring equipment, national high-tech enterprise which consists of two subsidiaries ---- Ningbo Tianyun Antenna Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo charm Information Engineering.

Professional production of FTTH optical fiber with OMDF MDF, ODF Optical Distribution Frame, cable transfer box, fiber optic sub-fiber boxes, fiber distribution box, optical splitter, fiber optic connectors, fiber optic fast connector, cable connector box, cable terminal box, FTTH equipment maintenance and other accessories. And a communication line MDF, Digital Distribution, communication users outside the cabinet, integrated patch panel / cabinet (Integrated assembled cabinets, network cabinets), cable boxes, indoor and outdoor junction box, the alignment bridge, channel, HBX series of intelligent broadband network cabling system (the product includes integrated wiring wiring cabinet, cabling wiring boxes, cable boxes and cabling cabling set multimedia home wiring socket panel boxes and cabling, telephone socket module, cable data modules, etc.) products.

The Company’s products are sold all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Russia and so on.

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